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Haunted Hotel

​Some say our hotel is haunted...

After reports from several guests that they had seen or heard a ghost in the hotel at night, in 2017 the people from Paranormal Search (formerly The Paranormal Society of Ponchatoula) came out and filmed two episodes of their show. They had several personal experiences, as well as catching a female voice on their audio recordings, and a possible apparition on video.

This unique history makes us the perfect place to stay for ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts - especially if you're in the area on Halloween or Friday the 13th!

 ​In 2008, the couple who owned the hotel at the time were married in the hotel bar and moved into the penthouse to run the hotel. They tell the story of a strange happening... The bride had a Halloween skeleton bride doll that she loved. Upon moving from the hotel several years after being married there, she was packing her belongings when she happened upon her skeleton bride doll in a box. As she reached into the box to retrieve the doll, her wedding band inexplicably fell off of her finger into the box and the skeleton doll began singing..."Here comes the bride, here comes the bride".  She was so frightened that she ran to fetch her husband. She and her husband returned to the box to find that the doll was no longer singing. They tried everything they could to get the skeleton bride doll to sing again, but never could.  How and why the doll began singing when the wedding ring fell into the box remains a mystery today!​​