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Hotel Cazan

Experience Cajun Culture 

...Boutique Hotel Style

 Over 100 years of history to encounter.

* ***All our perimeter rooms are as followed $129.00 on weekdays and $139.00 on weekends

We have full size beds, queen size beds , and king size beds .

****All our interior rooms are as followed 

$89.00 on weekdays and $99.00 on weekends

This includes full size beds and queen size beds.

****We also have a mini suite that has a king size bed ,and also our two queen beds in one room.

Prices for these are  as followed $149.00 on weekdays and $159.00 on weekends


              Making sure you get...

the fun and relaxation you deserve.

In the heartland of Acadiana, we offer a beautiful European-style historic boutique hotel with amenities such as a grand hand-crafted imported bar, a 50's decor cafe and a penthouse. We're dedicated to ensuring that we take care of all of our guests, and that their hospitality needs are not only met, but exceeded. We offer quality accommodations and personal guest service with just the right mix of culture. We’re committed to providing you with a top notch package. 

When you get here set your watch back a hundred'll walk up one flight of stairs to our guest rooms which have televisions and netflix. It is a nostalgic and authentic experience that you are sure to love. You can relax, enjoy a free book from our lobby, catch up on letters and get your share of Cajun culture with all of the nearby attractions, including world-famous Fred's Lounge where you will find authentic live Cajun music. Our hotel has been renovated, but many historic elements have been saved for your enjoyment.

We serve a wide range of guests, and value every guest relationship greatly. Each visit benefits from the depth and breadth of our offerings. We engage every guest with a focus on integrity, quality, and service. ​
We have a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing beautiful, clean, and comfortable rooms.​

We also now have Free WiFi , Netflix

and a Spa right here in the Hotel .​